2017 - a Year of Weddings

64 couples, 24 venues, all in 1 year!

We’ve had an incredible year of weddings! We’ve laughed with you, cried with you, shared moments of panic and absolute brilliance! We’ve held our breathe in anticipation and fought hard to choke back on tears!

We’ve had blazing sunshine, torrential rain, gale-force winds and end-of-the-world sunsets. We’ve travelled within Europe and also just 2 minutes from our house, to photograph weddings of all shapes and sizes; each one has been memorable and as amazing as our clients!

When putting this collection together, we both felt a tremendous sense of achievement and pride! Wedding Photography is our passion and there is no doubt that we love it, but it’s not always an easy job and we work really hard!! Sometimes the conditions aren’t perfect (strong winds are our least favourite!), sometimes we are so tight on time because something happened that was out of our control and as a result, we have an angry chef on our heels with a hot starter and 100 mouths to feed! But whatever the weather, however long we have and against all odds, we always do our best for our couples, who deserve our full attention and our best work! Looking back through all 64 weddings this year presented us with many happy memories and as a collection, I am proud of what we have achieved! It’s also given us pause for thought on where we could improve and what we’d like to do better, so watch out 2018 - we’re fired up and ready for you!!

We’ve put together this collection from 2017 - not just our favorites but an image from each wedding we’ve been lucky enough to photograph this year!

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and merry New Year!

We’re excited for 2018 and what’s to come!


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