Cara & Anthony's Wedding at Parklands, Quendon Hall

Some weddings you just know are going to be awesome and this one was exactly that! Meeting Cara, Anthony and their family on the first occasion was like being welcomed into the family, and again on the wedding day, we instantly felt welcome and relaxed with everyone there!

Cara & Anthony chose the beautiful Parklands, Quendon Hall in late October as the destination for the wedding. Opting for a civil ceremony with all the amazing Jewish traditional elements included, we were literally like kids in a candy store and so excited to be a part of it all!

We arrived together and went straight upstairs to where Cara and the girls were busy getting ready. The buzz was palpable, yet Cara looked cool as a cucumber, whilst people popped in and out around her, checking on the fine details and getting ready for the ceremony ahead. Anthony and his entourage had the run of the 1st floor in the main house and helped each other out to get ready with humour and encouragement - it was fun to be a part of and great to see all the guys working together to get Anthony into his suit and ready to go!

Once ready, the guys headed downstairs and out to the breakfast room for the Tisch. Rachel followed them over and found herself lost in a sea of guys excitedly singing traditional songs and toasting the groom with high energy, before settling down for the more formal introduction, explanation and signing of the marriage Ketubah by the Rabbi. What was so amazing was the humour and banter, which accompanied such an important signing - something so different from a traditional English ceremony and really refreshing!

Cara in the mean time, was busy upstairs getting into her beautiful bridal gown and for once, we reversed the roles and Mark stayed with Cara, whilst Rachel covered the activities downstairs!

We then headed to the Bedekken in the drawing room, which as we learned is the unveiling of the bride before the ceremony. The custom is said to be based upon the Biblical story in which Jacob intending to marry Rachel, accidentally marries her older sister Leah, who wore a veil. Therefore Anthony was required to lift Cara’s veil in order to check it was indeed her and of course it was! :-)

With the couple safe in the knowledge that they were to marry each other, we proceeded on to the immaculately decorated marquee with candles, white carpets and the Chuppah, where the couple exchanged vows and sealed their marriage with the smashing of the glass!

Being late October, the day had turned to night and we quickly hopped outside into the cold (and wet!) for a few pictures of the newly married couple, before returning to the warmth of the afternoon reception with champagne, food stations and lots of merriment.

The evening flowed perfectly with the marquee decorated to perfection, an amazing banquet of foods and Israeli dancing inbetween each course, led by the amazing Strong Sensation Band! We absolutely adore Jewish weddings for the incredible atmosphere, dancing and energy, and this wedding was so incredible, that at one point we nearly put down our cameras and just joined in! We loved the Benching - the blessings, sung by members of the wedding party in Hebrew but to well known popular tunes, which were totally amazing and a very personal touch!

All in all, a fantastic day from start to finish! We had so many lovely shots to share, but we narrowed it down to a few of our favourite wedding images from Cara and Anthony’s story.

Congratulations both to you and your family on a truly fantastic day, which will go down in our history as one of the greats!

Love, Rachel & Mark x


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