Jade & Josh's Summer Wedding at Micklefield Hall

Last year we had some summer scorchers, and Jade & Josh’s wedding was definitely one of those - both from the weather point of view, which was glorious, but also from the amazing happy people that we met on the day!

We knew we were going to have a great day with these two! They were so excited at their final consultation and when we chatted through their wedding and they told us about all the lovely things that would be happening, we were excited too!

Jade & Josh booked both Mark and I for the wedding so that we could cover the morning separately! We switched it up a bit and I went to the guys at their Mum’s house, while Mark went to the girls at Jade’s Mum’s. Tears and happiness throughout as surprise gifts arrived and as the bridal party saw Jade in her beautiful dress for the first time! (WOW!!!).

The couple got married at the impressive St Thomas at Becket Church in Northaw and the church was packed! Jade arrived in style with her beautiful entourage and the whole church seemed to hold their breathe as she entered! I was a long way down the aisle at the back, but Josh’s face was a picture as he saw her for the first time! The vicar was great and conducted the ceremony with great humor and we exited the church back into the glorious sunshine to hugs, kisses, confetti favours and a few family pictures before heading to the gorgeous wedding venue Micklesfield Hall.

It was our first time photographing at Micklesfield and I seriously hope we get to go back again as we loved it! The couple and their guests enjoyed live acoustic entertainment out in the grounds, with the most amazing canapes in bird cages and beautiful platters, a help-yourself drinks tower and of course plenty of prosecco and beer so no-one got thirsty! :-)

Mark Greatbach, one of our favourite local toastmasters kept everyone in good spirits as we whizzed though the family shots and I circulated amongst the 150 guests getting some amazing reportage shots of everyone having a great time!

Time flew and we grabbed Jade & Josh for just 10 minutes of portraits before getting them back ready for their meal! The couple entered the luxuriously decorated banqueting room to huge applause and found their way to the impressively decorated top table to enjoy their meal!

The speeches were a perfect mix of emotion, sincerity and humour! We were all laughing to the point of crying at the best man’s speech and everyone enjoyed them!

Pornstar martini’s were poured and ready for the guests as they spilled back out into the grounds for the most perfect late afternoon sunshine and the sunset that followed was one of the best of the year, so OBVIOUSLY we borrowed them again for a few quick shots at the front of the house to make up an amazing section of images for their wedding album!

The dance floor was packed and ready to go for the first dance, and the partying continued well into the night! We took Jade & Josh outside once more for a few night shots and I have to give Jade credit for accompanying us down to the water for the last one as it was a long way down in the dark, but completely worth the effort! :-)

A fabulous day with fabulous people and fabulous wedding suppliers!

Thank you guys for an incredible day! Can’t wait to deliver your album, it’s going to be AMAZING!!!

Rachel & Mark xxx


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